65 days or 1560 hours or 93600 minutes

ImageOr the time I spent in Mexico during the summer 2013. About 4 months later (no, I’m not going to translate everything into days, hours and minutes…) I’ve finally decided it’s time to jot down some of those memories. Primarily I’m doing this for me – we all know how quickly we forget those little things that really made our time special and this is meant to be a resource for me to look back to those times and remember and live these moments and joys again. If other people find an interest in my posts – great! I’d love to hear everything about your thoughts or similar experiences. This blog isn’t going to be just about Mexico, however, (sooorry) I also want to write about my plans for the future (mainly travel plans…), others travel experiences and experiences living abroad. So I hope you enjoy this blog!


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