Saint Christopher of the Houses….

IMG_0469Or better to say San Cristóbal de las Casas. Or possibly one of the most beautiful cities I have been to. I’m not sure why San Cristóbal fascinated me so much. The architecture? The people? The climate? Maybe rather the fact that I arrived there after having spent more than 6 weeks in a tropical climate, meaning constant 40° and humidityof something like 90%. Especially for someone who has spent most of her life either in Germany or England (keywords here: cold and rainy..), this is a lot to bear. So much the greater the relief of 25°, no rain, no clouds, no mosquitos (!) – and mountains! Not to forget that touristic town, which, despite the associated downsides, also entails a range of international restaurants – what can be better than a traditional Italian pizza after weeks of tacos on end! Especially if it comes with a price of about 35 Pesos (less than 2 Pounds). To top it off, I stayed in La Terraza Hostal, a hostel for the price of 5 Pounds per night with a lovely view of the town. 


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