The Bucket List

A bucket list – what is it and why do people write one? Questions that are probably easy to answer for most of you. But might not be, either. Personally, I had never heard of anything like a bucket list until a couple of days ago when I stumbled across it in another blog. Quick Wikipedia search. No entry.  Wiktionary says: “Derived from kick the bucket (“to die”) + list; hence “list of things to do before you die“.” Now this sounds interesting!

But what is the point of writing a bucket-list, actually? Well, first of all, it’s fun. Although at first my mind was pretty blank when I was trying to think of things, I quickly came up with more than 50 things I want to do! And quickly enough I started day-dreaming about how great it would be to actually do all these things. Which leads me to the next reason: it gets you thinking. Not just about these (maybe quite obscure) things you wrote down, but about your life in general, what you want to do and achieve and who you want to be. But before we blow this bucket list out of proportion, let’s get down to earth again: it is simply a great feeling to cross out one of the things. Which is probably why I started with the things that I really wanted to do and have already down (cheating? maybe).

I could probably come out with quite a few more reasons, but before I get carried anyway, here’s the actual list (finally!) (non-significant order, btw)

  1. try being vegetarian for a month
  2. live in Spain
  3. go to a boarding school
  4. climb pyramids in Mexico
  5. get my Bachelor and Master
  6. do an internship for a few months
  7. travel through South America
  8. try WWOOF
  9. try Couchsurfing
  10. travel South East Asia
  11. travel China
  12. learn how to dive
  13. learn how to surf
  14. speak Spanish and French fluently
  15. ride an Elephant
  16. see wales and dolphins
  17. see the Amazon
  18. drive a motor bike
  19. take a photography course
  20. hike in the desert
  21. go for a run everyday of a month
  22. travel for a few months by foot or bike, exclusively
  23. do a Safari
  24. learn how to dance Salsa (and dance it well!)
  25. work as a waitress
  26. work in a hostel
  27. be financially independent
  28. run a half-marathon
  29. write a blog – regularly!

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