Top Travel Moments 2013

With the New Year approaching, it is time for me to rethink the year that’s past. A lot has happened, ups and downs – but mostly ups, including numerous travel moments and people I have met during these journeys that I wouldn’t want to miss. Here’s a quick summary of the best travel moments in 2013:


Mérida in the Yucatan peninsular in Mexico is a beautiful colonial city where I spent six weeks this summer. Despite incessant heat, humidity and mosquitoes, the million-strong city is definitely worth a visit.  Known as “Ciudad Blanca”, white city, its sights include the beautiful Plaza de la Independencia, shown above, and the Paseo del Montejo, a wide avenue perfect for strolling in the more temperate evenings. Besides, Mérida is popular as the “gate towards the world of Maya” – famous archaelogical sites such as Chichén Itzá, Uxmal and less famous but nevertheless worthwhile sites such as Dzibilchaltun are closeby. So is the beach – Progreso is only half an hour’s drive away. 

IMG_0466 San Cristobal

It was on my journey from Mérida to Mexico City that I stumbled upon this gem – San Cristóbal de las Casas. If you’d like to know more about this, please read this post:


My journey from Mexico led me, with a few detours, to Panama, specifically to the archipelago Bocas del Toro. It is situated in the North-West of Panama, hence close to the border to Costa Rica and easy to reach via boat or plane (there actually is a very small airport that serves direct flights to San José and Panama City). As you can see on the picture, Bocas del Toro comes pretty close to the common notion of paradise: white sand, turquoise water and palm trees. Despite these undebatable facts, the islands are, however, overcharged with backpackers, and, what the dreamy calendar photos never show: It rains a lot. As in, a lot. We might have been unlucky, but it rained two out of three days that we were there, and there really isn’t much to do in that case.


To round it off, there is this beautiful, expensive, fancy, stylish, metropolitan city called London in England. The capital has been my place of residence for the past year and a half, and will continue to be for presumably the exact same amount of time. Although my relation to London is characterized by both love and hate, I appreciate its internationality, its nearly infinite possibilities and the moments I have spent in its cosy pubs, famous museums, diverse clubs, and unique areas.

PS: Merry christmas and a happy new year!


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